08 September, 2011


At Wonder Festival, get a 5000 yen Fukubukuro.

Open it and find a doll body and head (Hinagiku from Hayate no Gotoku) inside.

Some time later, buy clothes for the doll.

Like Nagi more than Hina. Get Nagi.

Get wrong size body (27cm, Nagi is 25).

Get right size body, but now there's a body (the 27cm) left over

What the hell get another head

やべぇ何これかわいいつかやべええええ ← YOU ARE HERE

Edit (9th September): Got more clothes. Totally not inspired by Punkish Gothic.

Needs boots and a belt.

Grisaia no Kajitsu -Le Fruit De La Grisaia-

So, cleared Grisaia. Not writing a review here, just some thoughts. No spoilers either if you worry about that sort of thing.

Now, when I think Front Wing I think Djibril which is really not my kind of thing, and so I never played any of their games before, but I heard good things about Grisaia, and tried and enjoyed the demo, so got it.

To sum it up shortly- It was good. Very good.

I've seen Grisaia compared to Akatsuki no Goei, and have to admit that that's pretty unavoidable; The protagonist Yuuji immediately comes off as a cross between Kaito from Akatsuki and Sousuke from Full Metal Panic (I personally felt him to be closer to the latter than the former, and some people disagree but whatever). But that's only on the surface, and you pretty soon find that he's quite different from both of them. But anyway, yeah, he's kind of Sousuke with common sense and bits of Kaito's personality (a tendency to fuck with people once in a while). This is a good thing.

Another comparison with Akatsuki I've seen is the loose ends and subsequent fandiscs. That I feel is totally unfair- Akatsuki's endings, all of them, were abrupt, for lack of a better word. It wasn't leaving loose ends around, it was still entirely unravelled at the end. Grisaia, on the other hand, does leave questions unanswered and mysteries unsolved, but all the routes a sense of closure. Hell, surprisingly enough, Amane's route, which provides you with the biggest dangling thread of all, provides the greatest sense of closure in the entire game. There's plenty of stuff left hanging around to be picked up in sequels (or prequels), yes, but left to stand alone it stands straight and solid as it is.

One last thing- I've seen people complaining about the depressing stuff (in the flashbacks) and gore (in text). To you guys, I have just this to say: Pussies.

Today's loot (8th September 2011)

Wow, Amazon merchants are more reliable at getting things to you on release date than Amazon themselves.

Unrelated to this but I cleared Grisaia last night, will get round to writing about it later.

04 September, 2011

Today's loot (4th September 2011)

Watched the Hayate (+Negima) movie today. Hayate was good, Negima was plain fucking terrible.

The PSP trunk thing was a prize from a crane game at the game centre I hanged out in while waiting for the movie. Spent about 2000 yen getting it, and about 1500 on a Kamen Rider (Ryuuki) toy that I ended up giving up on. Totally not worth it.

Mass Effect arrived a few days ago, been playing a bit of it. It's... Alright, I guess, but not great. I'm not enjoying it anywhere as much as I did Dragon Age, at least. The story pacing is just terrible and I don't really like the battle system. Also I'm playing a vanguard and my biotic abilities are as far as I can tell totally useless. Ah well.