29 September, 2011

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Cleared the game. My augmentations right before the final boss...

Stuff in stealth is the cones and noise things (found them pretty useless, though), arm stuff is picking up heavy objects and the inventory.

All in all, it was very good, though not without its flaws. And by flaws I mean the boss fights.

I've been told that many people have said this before but I'll say it again anyway. I mean, come on. Most of the game gives you freedom to get things done however you want to... and then every once in a while they fucking decide to lock you up in a room with nowhere to run or hide and a dick with five million HP and a machine gun for a hand. Or maybe just a shitton of troops. I just feel that that just makes no fucking sense.

That doesn't apply to the last two bosses though. The penultimate boss was pathetic because I'd hacked a turret and lugged it around with me. I wasn't expecting a boss there, but there he was and all I had to do was throw EMP grenades at him while the turret did the rest of the work.

And then there was the final boss. I'm immune to electricity and had hoarded ammo for the machine pistol (with extra damage, ammo capacity, laser sight and homing bullets) and laser and plasma rifles. I never got to use the machine pistol. Or use up the ammo for the two rifles, for that matter. And never got hit by a single shot, at that. Just took out the turrets with the plasma rifle without moving from the starting point, scanned the area with my X-ray eyes and lasered the people I saw around through the floor, and then just took her out at my leisure. Bah.

The story was decent but I can't help but feel it's underdeveloped. Sure, there's a lot of fluff all around, but it just doesn't seem to amount to much.

Ending sucked too. Fuck your vague monologues, I want to know what happened to people, how my actions affected them and the world. Bah.

Ah well. Unrelated, but perfect timing; Ao no Kiseki was released today and mine arrives tomorrow (ordered from eWonderGoo with Tio tapestry and mousepad). There goes my weekend.

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine (5)

Just some of my armour schemes.