12 November, 2011

Idolmaster G4U vol. 1

Idolmaster CDs and Sora no Kiseki FC and stuff

Didn't mention on the blog (did on Twitter but yeah, I tweet in Japanese) but when the last Idolmaster CD was released I went and ordered it on Amazon after forgetting that I'd already pre-ordered it on Tower Records, and didn't realize until they'd both shipped. So-


So I went and shipped it to a friend in the US and tossed in Sora no Kiseki FC and a bunch of junk in as well for the hell of it.

(Photo stolen from his blog)

That Eva thing is a Hidakaya coupon. Free rice upgrade to large!

But anyway yeah, he finally cleared Sora no Kiseki FC. Reaction to the ending:

Pussy went and levelled to 40 to fight the final boss. Real men run from all the enemies and fight bosses underlevelled (IIRC I was at like level 32-35 when I cleared FC).

I've been meaning to play Sora no Kiseki again, not sure if I should get the PSP versions or just go through them again on the PC. Maybe the PC.

08 November, 2011

Irotoridori no Sekai, clear.

Cleared Irotoridori no Sekai. It shares some flaws with Hoshizora no Memoria, namely unresolved stuff (Renya) and the sudden plot twists at the end (though nothing anywhere as silly as spoilers ahead AND THEN MOM'S GHOST TURNED BACK TIME), but those are neglectable in face of how good it is overall.

But yeah, would've like to see more of Shinku interacting with the other characters, and some resolution to Haku and Renya. Fandisc I guess.