31 December, 2012

Comic Market 83, day 3 and loot

Same as usual for the third day. Went late, got doujinshi, got a bit more stuff from the corporate booths (including a Grisaia drama CD I missed before but heard about on the thread).
Doujinshi (Idolmaster)
Doujinshi (other stuff)
Other stuff.

And the rest of the loot from the other two days:


Not too bad a haul I'd say.

Man I'm exhausted.

Edit: Oh and my Figma Tekkaman Evil arrived while I was away for Comic Market

30 December, 2012

Comic Market 83, day 2

Today's loot. As I'd gotten everything on my priority list except for the Age stuff from 5pb's booth I left the hotel at 10. Still had to line up a bit to get in, then had to line up outside in the rain (no umbrellas allowed! Thankfully it was wussy mist-ish rain and I didn't really get wet) to get my 5pb stuff (didn't actually wait that long, only lined up for like 10-20 minutes). Didn't have to line up for the other stuff. Didn't get much because I only wanted to get stuff that could fit into my bag (= no big fancy paper bags) because of the rain (yes the Nippon Ichi paper bag could fit into my bag, though barely).

Anyway, only day 3's doujinshi left. Plan on leaving around 10 again tomorrow. Thankfully it seems like it won't be raining.

29 December, 2012

Comic Market 83, day 1

I'm up at 2 AM (actually been up since before midnight, slept maybe a tad too early) ready for Comic Market!

It's fucking raining.


Plan on hitting the corporate booths first as usual (top priority: 5pb and Hibiki) and will get doujinshi and maybe doujin games on the third day.

Update: Back from the first day. Loot:
 The rain stopped before I reached Ariake and the ground was dry enough to sit on but I nearly froze to death anyway because right before I left the hotel I realised that I'd lost my fucking scarf (checked at the front desk just now; Turns out I dropped it somewhere in the hotel yesterday and they picked it up) and so ended up heading off to Comiket without it. It was so fucking cold I couldn't bring myself to even mess with my phone let alone read any of the books I brought with me. Bah.

But anyway yeah. Loot! Got most of the stuff I wanted, the only high priority thing left is the stuff from 5pb's booth and that's it. And as usual the only doujin stuff I'm interested in are on the third day.

27 December, 2012

durr hurr

I thought up a new vidya game

CALL OF THE BROTHERS OF THE COMPANY OF A BAND OF HEROES 4 BLACK SPEC OPS 2: MODERN TALES OF VALOUR FROM THE LINE, the new original high-octane action-thriller blockbuster from the award-winning team at Wherever the Fuck delivers the most intense, cinematic, provocative and gripping modern military first-person shooting action experience ever designed. The persistent, addictive and customizable gameplay is overflowing with raw brutality, adrenaline-filled gunplay and skull crushing intuitive visceral combat, and also sets to challenge players' morality with non-linear gameplay and a character driven narrative taking place in the most varied, complete and alive digital world ever created.

(It's an open-world cover-based FPS with NPC civillians and you get a bad ending if you shoot too many of them. GAME OF THE YEAR!)

26 December, 2012

Loot, December 2012 (Pre-komike)

So yeah been kind of busy this month and didn't really have time to update. But I'm finally free! Also Comic Market is this weekend.

Comics/books and Figma Yukiko which was on sale. The only books here I've actually read so far are Tasogare Otome and Haganai. With Hikaru ga Chikyuu ni Ita koro I haven't even read the previous book. Eh. Haganai was good as usual. Everyone being related in some way to everyone else reminded me of Nekuroma though (ought to re-read that sometime)..

Games and more ranobe. Hitman Absolution was absolute shit.. Hitman: Absolution? More like Splinterman: Convicsolution. And Lynch.

I already mentioned how Suparobo was fucking awesome. Halfway through my third playthrough, taking my time with it.

Eroge. The Applique FD was pretty cool (especially since they usually don't do fandiscs) but was kiiind of short. Bah. Just got Sono Hanabira ni Kuchiduke wo today so I haven't touched it yet. Already had the three Applique games but got the collection anyway because hell why not?

14 December, 2012




ゲームには「バックステージパス」、要するに「ゲームを買ってくれたら他のグッズを買う権利を与えてやろうククク」的なアレが付いていた。 まあ俺のことだからな、買ったさ。タペストリー全種類とか。そして先週の金曜日に発送メールが来た。

ここまでが順調。金曜の夜に追跡を見たら「配達店へ輸送中です」って書いてあったし土曜に届くかと思った。 が、土曜に見たら未だに「配達店へ輸送中」ってあった。日曜に見たら「配達店へ輸送中」。月曜に、火曜に、水曜に、木曜に見ても「配達店へ輸送中」。さすがにおかしいとは思ったがまあ佐川だし、輸送中って書いてあるし、別に今すぐ欲しいというわけじゃないから大丈夫だ、待とうと思った。






補足: ララビットに聞いても多分佐川に聞けって言われるだろうし、今回は代引きだから俺に損害が出たわけじゃない。しかしララビットを覗いてみたらほとんどの商品が品切れ。本当に紛失したのならタペとかもう買えないってことだ。くぁwせdrftgyふじこlp








03 December, 2012

Dai-2-ji Super Robot Taisen OG

Cleared it yesterday. It was fucking FANTASTIC. Not without its flaws of course, event sorties and route splits kept messing up the roster, the weapon equipping system was pretty much redundant, and the ability system was utter rubbish. Also the EX portion moved kind of slow. But otherwise it's good old fuckawesome suparobo and just awesome all-round.

Loved the addition of vocal songs. I always had the vague feeling that they'd do it eventually while never really expecting them to actually do it, so imagine my surprise when Victory started playing in the fight against AI1. And then Zengar started saying lines from Skill and SKILL STARTED FUCKING PLAYING FUCK YEAH.

Top aces prior to the final stage. I gave up on getting the SR points after missing quite a few, but still got onto the true route (was on normal difficulty, so what people are saying about the true route being hard only is clearly wrong).

Big spoilers below!

そ れ も 私 だ

Ganeden with AI1 for a core with Yuuzes' mask and a crossgate for a halo? AWESOME!
That was hilarious.

The usual picture, updated:
Anyway, went on the Masaki and both Earth routes. Doing the other routes in my second playthrough.

Edit: Cleared my second playthrough.

Defeated the final boss in one turn ON THE FIRST TURN. Excluding seishin, only moving one unit.

29 November, 2012



24 November, 2012

Loot (24th November 2012)

Watched Eva and Gothicmade. Eva was... okay, I guess. Need to see the next movie before I can really judge it (think Empire Strikes Back). Gothicmade was... pretty bad, honestly. Which is very unfortunate because I like Nagano's designs. 

Combat Creatures Attacknid. Saw the Futaba thread, got one myself. It's AWESOME.

 Other stuff. Got the Fubuki for retail which is a feat considering how most Shinki are selling at 3-5 times retail these days. Already cleared Hitman: Absolution, it was fucking terrible. Got Shining Force EXA because of PXZ and have been chipping away at it bit by bit. It's decent, but I have to say I was pretty surprised because the only other Shining Force games I'd played were the ones for the Megadrive and I was expecting something similar.

Also not really loot, but stuff I'm sending people for Christmas:

I've been playing Hayarigami 2 on my Vita, have almost cleared it, and have gotten 3 (with UMD passport so only 500 yen) for the Vita as well. Love this series.