18 March, 2012

Madoka Magica Portable

Pre-ordered my copy directly from Bannam's Lalabit Market which got me this phone strap.

Been through all the scenarios except Kyouko's, which I only just unlocked.
Playthroughs so far were:

Madoka → Madoka (same ending) → Mami (didn't let her turn into a witch, lost to Walpurgis) → Mami (let her turn into a witch, lost to Walpurgis again) → Homura (saved Mami, prevented Sayaka from contracting, fought and defeated Walpurgis with Homura, Mami and Kyouko) → Extra scenario (wow it was bad) → Sayaka (no witch).

Defeated Walpurgis in the Homura and extra scenarios (my problem in Mami's was the group of three familiars on the last floor that surround you as soon as you enter; With Homura I just stopped time and took them down) and wasn't very pleased with how the game just acts like you lost even if you do so. If you're going to let me fight and defeat the fucking boss then fucking make it so that that changes something, if not then make it undefeatable you morons. Bah.

Oh and Madoka's scenario's ending was a total fucking cop-out.

I've heard a lot of complaints online about the game freezing up, but it hasn't been a problem for me. Only froze once so far, in the artist witch's introduction scene. I can see how freezing can be a big problem, though, because the dungeons are long, sometimes they force you through two or even three dungeons in a row without giving you a chance to save in between, and the stupid fucks decided to make it so that even if you save inside a dungeon, said save is deleted upon loading. That's not too bad if freezing wasn't a problem, but it is, so they really shouldn't have kept it in.

And there're still a lot of bugs. The ones I've gotten so far are:

-Tutorial: Flip a page and it just shows you the previous page and once you've seen the correct number of pages it closes. Even though ALL YOU SAW WAS THE FIRST PAGE.
-Sayaka route: Spots where you can use the QB button are marked even without you buying the thing which makes that happen (this is a good thing).
-After clearing Homura's or the extra scenario (forgot which) the fifth mystery dungeon was unlocked for me... except not really, it just showed up in the menu after 1 and 2 but when I entered it it was actually dungeon 3. After I cleared Sayaka's route dungeon 3 showed up but 5 was still there and still marked "new". When I entered it it was actually dungeon 4.
-Sayaka route: After clearing the scenario I didn't get the fucking clear bonus points (this is not a fucking good thing fuck you assholes FUCK), I just got like 300 points for emotion levels and that was it. (This also happened to me on some of the mystery dungeons)

Considering how fucking insignificant the points you get from emotion levels (maybe 200-400 per playthrough, while the clear bonus is supposed to be somewhere around 3000-9000, and the important shit you want to buy in the shop is priced in the thousands too) that last bug is EXTREMELY annoying.

Bugs aside this isn't too bad a game. I only really have a few big problems with it.

First of all is the terrible skip- Hitting start auto-skips everything... including stuff you haven't seen. Considering how clearing a scenario once unlocks more story portions that really isn't something you want to do. Not to mention the stupid Q button system where you can break into conversations... which you can't do if you're skipping. Even if you buy the option to reveal the bits where you can use the button, the stupid skip function SKIPS THOSE PORTIONS TOO, and does so so fast that you can't even tell that you could use the button there. To the fucking morons who made the game work this way- What the fuck is wrong with you people?

Second of all is the lack of being able to change the story. Before release they were going on about changing stuff with the Q button and how anyone can become a witch if their soul gem is too clouded and so on... but all of that was pretty much bullshit. The Q button really doesn't do anything at all, the story is mostly linear, and the girls turning into witches only happens at specific points if you fulfil the right conditions. I mean, yeah, it's an ADV so that's to be expected, but some of those points can only be found in certain scenarios.

Finally there's the way learning skills is implemented- You can only learn skills by using items (spellbooks) which you get from defeating certain enemies. For the most part it's totally fucking random so you might barely be able to learn any skills at all, plus since the books are shared among all your characters you need to choose really wisely (especially since you can never tell if Mami will die or Sayaka will become a witch or Kyouko will go back to her own fucking town). But then there're some dungeons with enemies with ridiculously high drop rates for them which means you can fill up your entire fucking skill tree. That's just stupid.

Ah well, the dungeon-crawling in the game is still pretty fun. I have no idea why I'm enjoying it despite all these lethal flaws, but I am, so eh.

Edit: Also took a look at the bonus BD, there's some interesting stuff on it, in particular these:

The Madoka witch's interior and core, and Homura's witch.

Homura's witch's name is interesting- in Japanese 此岸の魔女- 此岸 ("shigan", literally "this side") is a Buddhist term referring to the mortal world, filled with Earthly desires and doubts, which is used in opposition to 彼岸 ("higan", "the far side") which is basically Nirvana and enlightenment or something (I'd elaborate but being Catholic and all I wouldn't have any idea what I'm talking about so go Google it if you want to know more).

But anyway what's interesting is the contrast the name suggests it has with Madoka's Witch of Salvation, which aims to absorb the entire planet into its zone and mould it into a personal heaven. Homura, even as a witch, refuses to accept that, hanging on to her one desire of saving Madoka. Pretty cool.

The name of the witch itself is apparently "Homulily" (that's the text on top, the text below is fittingly, considering how you only see it in a game over screen, "game over").

Unrelated but it appears that for some reason (fansubbers?) most of the English-speaking world insists on taking shitty Japanese → English dictionaries at face value and translating 結界 ("kekkai") to "barrier". This suggest ineptitude in not just Japanese but also English since it's pretty fucking clear that the kekkai in Madomagi are not fucking barriers. Hence my use of "zone". Just saying.

Edit: Cleared Kyouko's scenario. Aiming to get the best ending in Homura's route next, and I'll clear the last extra dungeon after that.

Also since when did Madoka's witch become a grief seed with limbs?

Also, another observation.

From the custom theme: A bunch of the witches' emblems, including two which I don't recall seeing anywhere else.

One is a soul gem/grief seed with wings (gee, where did I see that before), and the other is an hourglass superimposed on top of a flower. In Japanese it's called the "higan-bana". That's the same "higan" ("彼岸") as in the opposite of "shigan". Plus in English it's called the red spider lily, and Homura's witch's name is "Homulily".

Also according to the Japanese Wikipedia article, in floriography, the various meanings of the higan-bana include: "Passion", "independence", "reunion", "sad memories", and "I think only of you".

Pretty fitting.

Edit: Got the best ending in Homura's scenario.

Edit: Cleared the last extra dungeon.

Ended up at around level 60.


  1. >-Tutorial: Flip a page and it just shows you the previous page and once you've seen the correct number of pages it closes. Even though ALL YOU SAW WAS THE FIRST PAGE.

    This is a bug that occurs if you're running the game on CFW.

    Fuck you, pirate.

  2. No, fuck you (by the way I'll just leave this here:

    Are you blind or just retarded? Because I have the game on my last loot photo which is kind of THE POST RIGHT BEFORE THIS ONE ON THE FIRST PAGE.

    Not to mention how I've seen that bug reported on the 2channel thread and the kouryaku wiki which kind of implies that you're full of shit.

    Oh, and how do you even know that it's a bug that occurs if you pirate the game if you haven't pirated it yourself or hang out with people who do? Hell, I didn't even know what "CFW" meant till I google it before posting this.

    Just die in a fire you pathetic piece of shit.

  3. Oh and yeah, look what was added to the official site

    So yeah.

    Just fucking die you stupid cunt.