28 April, 2012

This week's loot (28th April 2012)

Already cleared Binary Domain. It wasn't anywhere as bad as people make it out to be (the voice commands worked fine for me, for example) but the story was just plain fucking terrible, especially at the end.

Oh, and as you can see from the pamphlet, I watched Super Hero Taisen (this morning in fact). The story made no sense but it was goooooood. I'm not watching Fourze (didn't even watch OOOs) and Gobusters but that last bit was still totally fantastic.

But Gobusters, "It's morphin' time" and megazords? What the fuck?

 I still haven't opened up last month's G4U. Eh.

Speaking of stuff I haven't opened, I've been reaaaaaally running out of space lately. Good thing I'm moving in June.

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