25 May, 2012

coμ -Kuroi Ryuu to Yasashii Oukoku-

Actually cleared it last week and just didn't get around to mentioning it here.

So yeah, cleared it.

The true ending. What the fuck? People I like die, nothing's resolved,  the end. What the fuck? Now thankfully it wasn't one of those things that ruin all the other endings as well. So I can just pretend Hisoka's good ending is the real true ending and try to forget the true route existed. Thankfully. Ugh.

Also is it just me or is Gasai like totally alive in the true route? Five (= one commu worth of) corpses. Four enemies and one supposedly him only it's unrecognisable. Totally not suspicious at all right?

Only of course that leads nowhere because the game ends and there's nothing to follow it up.


But anyway yeah, personally Ruitomo > & > Commu.

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