31 May, 2012

Dragon's Dogma

So yeah I'm updating my blog at 2 AM because I went to bed some time ago but got back up because fucking insomnia. Gah. So excuse me if I'm kind of rambling on a bit or whatever.

Anyway yeah. Dragon's Dogma! It's pretty cool.
I'm only just right now noticing that the new Blogger interface lets you position images next to text like this. That's also pretty cool.

I'm currently a sorceror (Weisskaiser, left) with a ranger pawn (Yuduki, nicknamed "Angel" for people playing the English version, based vaguely on my first Arnval in Battle Rondo fuck I miss that game). Except my job levels are maxed so I reverted them to mage and strider just now to let them learn more skills.

But yeah whatever. Borrow my pawn! She's somewhat decent. Have most of her equipment three starred and all.

Actually just started a new character on my alternate account today, playing as a strider with a fighter pawn. Friended myself, sent my new pawn over to the sorceror and loaded him up with fancy gear and sent him back, and then had my new strider summon Yuzuki (level 35) at the beginning of the game. Great fun.

And by great fun I mean I tried blasting through the early parts of the game but ended up getting killed in one hit by a bandit on the way to the Witchwood. Great fun!

No seriously this game is fantastic. Here's some stuff I said on IRC:
After that I wandered around a bit more and it became night again and I ran into a fucking drake. Not being able to take it on I ran away from it... into a fucking horde of goblins that kept calling for reinforcements. I stumbled around a bit more while fighting the goblins in the dark (with fire of course, because 1. they're weak to it and 2. NIGHT FIGHTS WITH FIRE ARE AWESOME) and found a healing spring and made my stand there against goblins that just kept coming non-stop for like ten minutes. And then all of a sudden phantoms started attacking me out of nowhere. Fucking awesome.

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