12 May, 2012

This week's loot (12th May 2012)

In addition to that stuff I also got a (second) ticket to this year's Idolmaster anniversary concert. Couldn't find the original I got. Also, I was too late to get a seat and ended up with a standing ticket too this time. Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

I'll keep searching for the first ticket.

Among the games here  I've already cleared Operation Raccoon City and the single player mode of Starhawk. ORC kind of sucks. Starhawk is kind of fucking awesome but the multiplayer's potential is kind of squandered because the players all kind of suck.


As for the previous batch of games, I've cleared Monobeno and most of Yukiiro. Monobeno was mostly good but the ending (or rather the entire fucking final route) was kind of anticlimatic. Abrupt, even. Cleared Maru, Akira and Chitose's routes in Yukiiro. It's alright but personally I liked Sorairo and Ramune more. A lot more. Mizuiro's about on the same level I guess.

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