11 June, 2012

Moving this month

Current place was supposed to be temporary and is tiny, I was supposed to move since some time ago but just didn't get round to doing so. Finally getting round to doing so.

So yeah, need to pack up my stuff.

And then there's this.

Wiping everything off with them anti-bacterial wet tissue things and putting them in ziploc bags.

And the wiping part is pretty important because holy SHIT this stuff is dusty.

Alteisen before.

Alteisen after.

Fucking Weissritter is so sharp it pierces the bag like a lightsaber through microwaved butter.


Very dusty.

Took me over three hours but I'm almost done with the figures I had on display (most of the stuff I've bought in the last... what, half year or so? Is still boxed because this room is fucking tiny and all). All that's left to go: Dai-Guard (not a problem), Strarf Mk II (problem because of dust on all the bits and all the parts I have to break it down to to get it back into its packaging) and Chougoukindamashii Daizengar and Aussenseiter (MASSIVE problem because I had all the parts out on display on the stupid base and they're all dusty as fuck plus the Aussenseiter is transformed and I have to get it back and I vaguely recall taking an hour or so to get it into the fucking horse form in the first place). Eurgh.

Anyway yeah, having stuff on display exposed like that is a bad idea. I'm definitely getting a proper display cabinet when I move. I was actually pretty seriously considering the big Bukiya case but it seems reaaaaaally overpriced, plus putting it together looks like it'd be a massive bother. I'll be ordering my furniture online, will look at what whatever the shop I'm using has probably.

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