17 June, 2012

Persona 4 the Animation: The Factor of Hope

So yeah like I said in the previous post, watched the movie today.

Typed out a summary somewhere on the internet, might as well post it here (spoilers, highlight):

Starts off with the fight against Amenosagiri, and then cuts to the last day. Everyone's preparing a party to see off Yuu when the letter from Adachi arrives, and they move over to Junes and recap the entire series (which takes up most of the running time), with voice overs from the characters as they think over the events.

Suddenly they cut back to the Doujima house where they're preparing for the party again, and there Yuu realizes it was the gasoline stand guy who gave him his powers and runs over there and confronts him. Same stuff as in the game happens but Izanami reveals that Yuu is right now running away from the truth himself, in reality they had already(!) confronted Izanami and lost, and everyone was dragged away by that move she does at the end, and Yuu is comforting himself by repeating the last day he spent with them over and over again (as time loops he starts to go a bit nutty and this is totally not stolen from one of the Steins;gate endings). Eventually Margaret shows up out of nowhere and slaps him around a bit, and he defeats her (her last persona is angel Lucifer) with all the sub-character commu max level personae, comes to his senses and confronts his shadow (wasn't his not having a shadow kind of a big point?), gets the thing from Margaret, then returns to the real world and defeats Izanami with Izanagi-no-Ookami.

Kind of disappointing because all Izanami does is the grabby thing and the lightning thing, and since everyone else is already defeated by the time we see the real world their upgraded personae get no screentime at all. After that there's the real form of the shadow world, and then the same ending as the TV version.

Also the bit between Yuu confronting Izanami and the party fighting her is completely left out so there's no interaction between anyone besides Yuu and Izanami.

I also didn't like how they had Yuu's glasses crack before he threw them away, in the game the nuance came to me as "I won't need these anymore because the mist will be gone when I'm done", over here it's more like "damn it my glasses are cracked, can't see shit".

At the very end the calendar appears again and flips back all the way to 2009 (with the design changing to P3's!) and there's a cut of Kitaro shooting himself in the head and PERSONA 3 THE MOVIE CONFIRMED.

Do note that I may have the order of things mixed up or whatever, sometimes I shampoo my hair and then shampoo it again because I forgot that I already had so eh.

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