20 July, 2012

Persona 4 The Golden (7) ※SPOILERS

Mostly the true final dungeon but there's stuff tacked on to the end too, so yeah, spoilers. You've been warned!

Yeah I might have been a bit overlevelled.

Izanami was totally pathetic. She actually killed me a couple of times even when my entire party was at level 99 in the PS2 version, over here she barely scratched me at all and as you can see I depleted her second form's entire health bar.

And from here on is the new true ending. Time skips forwards to the summer holidays (the events of P4U are reduced to a single line from Yousuke about how nobody really got to relax during the holidays in May).

So yeah, first playthrough cleared. I'll probably do a second for Margaret and Izanagi and the remaining commus I have left over and whatever.

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