28 July, 2012

This week's loot (28th July 2012)

Odd, thought Owaru Sekai to Birthday had been delayed to next month.

But anyway yeah, P4U, Nayuta no Kiseki and Owaru Sekai to Birthday! Got the former two from Gamers this time because I wanted that tapestry.

Watched the new Nanoha movie, it was okay but the last fight against Nachtvaal was relatively unimpressive to most of the action. Also the triple breaker wasn't anywhere as cool as the first movie's starlight breaker.

I've already cleared P4U's story mode, it was okay. Damn though cliffhanger endings. I guess the sequel will add the rest of P3's characters?

No idea where that missing 1% is.

I suck pretty hard at P4U, it's a bit too fast-paced for me.

Thoughts on the story (spoilers obviously):
The masterminds who show up at the end are obviously two people, a human guy who can't enter the TV world who seems to be using a device that can take control of people- as Mitsuru says probably someone with connections to the Kirijou group/Ergonomics, and judging from how he knew of Labyrs' incomplete awakening even though all the data was erased (Shadow Worker didn't even know what she looked like) I'm guessing one of the three scientists who showed up in Labyrs' story, highest possibility being the asshole guy- and his partner, something not human that can shapeshift who's actually using the first guy and will probably kill him at some point near the end of the sequel because that always happens.

The P4 characters can't summon in the real world, and supposedly in the novel starring Naoto (haven't read it) which takes in the future she manages to do so for the first time. That's where the device that showed up at the beginning of Mitsuru's story mode comes in, probably: I'm guessing the P4 characters will be able to summon while in the shadow hour. And the bad guy, with his having connections to Kirijou/Ergo will probably have a bunch of those devices.

As for the second bad guy, ability to transform and knowledge of the P3/P4 characters? He's fucking Tatari isn't he. There's their excuse to toss in a whole bunch of characters who shouldn't be there with no impact on the story!

Also after seeing the P3 characters back and thinking about it a bit, those new character designs in the P4G epilogue... Could those have been a teaser for a sequel?

Edit (29th July): More stuff.
Watched Dark Knight Rises. It wasn't bad, just... not as good as I was hoping it'd be. Eh.

I'm doing somewhat decent in P4U online.

Edit: I'm doing REALLY well with Kanji.

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