10 August, 2012

Comic Market 82

Day 1

Got most of what I wanted from the corporate booths on the first day! Going to take my time going there tomorrow, Nekoneko and Cotton won't run out of stock that fast. Probably.

Day 2
  Well, I've gotten everything I want from the corporate booths. TBS Idolmaster set and Pulltop's Kono Oozora ni Tsubasa wo Hirogete set were sold out, I'll get them if they're still available when I'm there tomorrow. I'm not waking up for the first train though.

Day 3
Both the sets I wanted were sold out again (that's what I get for heading in after noon) but I didn't really want them that much anyway (didn't even bother to take the first train yesterday after all). Broke my bigger notes at the corporate booths then hit the doujin areas.

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