10 August, 2012

Comic Market 82 loot

Got just Moshiraba from Palette. Imastudio tapestry and the two new CDs from Hibiki. 

Exhaust White Album 2 set. And people were giving out those things to promote the Busou Shinki TV series. I took three!

Steins;gate set and Age set.

Yeah not much but there's not much that I really want this time anyway.

Anyway the Nekoneko and Cotton sets were sold out by the time I got to their booth (I wasted a LOT of time on Palette and Hibiki, and that time on Palette was all fucking wasted because the line was for everything except Moshiraba and all I wanted was Moshiraba and past noon you could just get it without lining up and I SPENT THE WHOLE FUCKING MORNING LINING UP FOR IT) so I'll be getting those tomorrow. Also Pulltop's Kono Oozora ni Tsubasa wo Hirogete set probably. And I'll look at some other stuff maybe. MIGHT cave in and get TBS' Idolmaster set.

Day 2:
 Nekoneko and Cotton sets, Sora no Kiseki book cover, Shinku (Iroseka) smartphone case, doujin games. Not much.

Day 3:

 Idolmaster bookmarks and mousepad (also free Robono stickers)

Doujinshi. Breakdown:

Ruitomo x1 (novel)
Aquarion Evol x1
Muv-Luv Alternative x5 (Suparobo crossover x1, TE x2, Alternative x1, emblem data CD x1)
White Album 2 x1
Idolmaster x11 (Chihaya x3, Chihaya/Haruka x1, Haruka x1, Makoto/Yukiho x1, Hibiki x3, 876 x1, book on the places the game used as backgrounds x1)
Nanoha/Demonbane crossover x2
Fate Zero/Madomagi crossover x1
Madomagi x2 (Homura, Kyouko)
Occult magazine x1

Only(?) 25 books altogether. Shipping stuff home goes against my style. DAMN those books were heavy.

But anyway yeah. That's Natsukomi over!

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