30 August, 2012

Loot (31st August 2012)

Not just today or even this week's stuff, photos include a bit of stuff from after Komike (Idolmaster CD on release date, obviously). Didn't buy much this month. But Soul Hackers was released today so I got a 3DSLL.

I already had Strange Journey but seem to have misplaced it, so I went and got a new copy.

Did the usual to the 3DSLL. Got the white one just so I could do this.
Oh and yes I know that it's the 30th, date on the post title is tomorrow's because I'm expecting pre-ordered games.

In addition to all this physical stuff I downloaded a whole bunch of PS1 archive stuff I already had for the Vita when they updated the firmware to support them, and then went and grabbed more games anyway just because. Also a couple of UMD passport downloads of games I already had (yes I gave them money to play games I already owned). Got Devil Summoner 1 too but haven't played it yet (just got it two days ago).

Going to be overseas next week, perfect timing for the Vita/3DS.

Already cleared Sleeping Dogs earlier this week. The story sucked but the gameplay was solid enough. Really enjoyed the car chases, and the environmental kills were spectacular.

Edit (31st August): And the games I had pre-ordered arrived!

Edit: More 3DS games.

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