21 August, 2012

Shin Megami Tensei 3

P4G left me in a Megaten mood and I've been chipping away at Megaten 3 ever since. Never actually cleared it before; Had a couple of false starts which I ended up rage quitting (the furthest I'd gotten before was the Matador). Started from the beginning again and took two hours to gather stuff to defeat the Matador, and found the game to be pretty easy ever since (then again I'm using a lot of majin so that might be contributing to it)..

Belzebub took me ages to defeat because I did crap damage to him, but he likewise did crap damage to me.

As with all bosses fought him once, took a look at what he had, went back with the magatama to make me immune to jusatsu (the rest of my party was already immune to it) and owned him upside-down. Took half an hour because I didn't really have any good damage sources (main attacker being the hitoshura with kiai -> haja no koudan.

And yes I was using a level 49 Daisoujou in that fight. The guy's just too useful.

Was expecting Metatron in the fifth Kalpa what with him yelling at me before and so went in with the magatama to block hama (majin party as usual so didn't need to worry about everyone else).

Defeated him on my first try. He was PATHETIC. And yes I was still using the Daisoujou. 

Amara deep zone, clear!

Anyway, my party:

I'm using the black, red and pale riders to go through dungeons, and the Daisoujou (main healer + otakebi, meisou so he never runs out of MP) and White Rider (buffs) for bosses with the last member determined by what I'm facing..

Yeeeaaaaah the game's kind of pretty easy at this point.

Time to enter the final dungeon!

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