29 October, 2012

Project X Zone (Review)

 It's rubbish.

 Let's see, they had tons of complaints about the terrible tempo in Namcap and fixed it in PXZ by making battles faster and removing enemy attacks... and then went and made the tempo worse again by tossing in millions of enemies and multiple bosses per stage, each with a ridiculous HP count.

This is made worse because of the whole combo system which means no skipping attack animations. I understand how it's a fundamental part of the game but I'm used to Suparobo so this annoys me after some time. I never did clear Namcap or Mugefuro, but I just had to get this because of the series lineup (.hack! Sakura Taisen! Rockman X! Valkyria! etc.)

It's not as bad as Namcap, at least. None of the QTE for every single enemy attack (in fact non-boss enemies don't even have attack animations) or instant failure when dropping an enemy bullshit. Doing away with enemy attacks was a good thing, though some of their choices were weird as fuck (Makaimura mid-boss has an attack animation, BYAKUYA KAI DOESN'T? What the fuck?)  The crowds aren't too bad once your people learn the multi-target attacks, too. 

But it's still pretty bad. Pretty much every single stage boils down to kill everything, kill someone, kill someone THEN EVERYTHING ANYWAY, or do something else (like get to Aura in time) AND THEN  JUST KILL EVERYTHING FOR GOOD MEASURE. 

Kill everything. Oh, and the cocoon maidens from God Eater are in here, and like in the source material they don't (can't) move.  There are some stages where you mop up the bosses but the victory condition is to kill everything. And there's a single cocoon maiden on the other side of the map, which is five turns away for the closest character who'll be able to kill it in one attack. That doesn't sound too bad, right? Oh wait, because of the game system where units move according to speed you have to get your other guys to wait, one by one, once for each of those five turns. FUCKING RETARDED.

The story is rubbish too. So terrible that after clearing the game once I went back and did it again just to look at the credits and check if it really was Morizumi who wrote it. It was, and I don't believe it. Not only is the story disjointed and nonsensical, the characters, including the ones he made up (Reiji especially with his yelling Rom Stoll quotes even more than usual, at inappropriate times) act funny. It generally reads like a bad fanfiction. It's just difficult to believe that the guy who wrote Suparobo A has fallen to this level. Plus since there's barely any story there's also barely any interaction between characters. Isn't that, like, the WHOLE POINT of a crossover? 

I did like one thing about the system, though- the XP (cross points, not experience) bar shared by all your characters.

100 max.
-Hitting enemies gets you lots of points
-Getting hit by an enemy gives you 5
-Guarding an attack (half damage) costs 20, completely guarding (no damage) is 60, countering is 20 (but when you counter depending on characters you may be able to earn back way more than 20, especially considering how you still get that 5 for being hit)
-Skills cost XP too: 35 for boosting attack by 15%, 40 for boosting all stats by 10%, 15 for instantly breaking shields, 50 for a 15% defence stat boost or +2 move to all characters, etc.
-Finishers (used at the end of a combo) or multi-target specials (basically map attacks only they hit a specific number of enemies only, either 2 or 4) cost 100

If more than one character hits an enemy at the same time (cross hit) you can build up XP over 100, up to a max of 150. There are no other ways to get your XP to over 100 (getting hit by enemies and using items only get you to 100 max). Thus if you want to use a special move with a stat-boosting skill you need more than 100 XP. With multi-targets you need all the XP because the attack is activated immediately, with specials there's a bit of leeway because you can build up some XP before letting loose (if you have say 110 and use Zengar's nekketsu which costs 35 leaving you with 75 you can still build up the necessary 25 with cross hit combos in the ensuing battle before unleashing your finisher). Everyone sharing the same gauge means you need to think of who's coming up next and act accordingly.

By the way, a certain shitty English "otaku" site (hint: its name starts with "K" and ends with "otaku") has a review written by a stupid fuck who has seemingly never played the game up. Said review is utter bullshit FYI.

HE SAYS IT'S DIFFICULT. "An Unforgiving Difficulty Curve" to be precise. Hahahahahahahaha no. Only the bosses can scratch you at all, and even when they do so all the enemies drop so many healing items whenever you need to use one you'll find that you've been picking up so many that your inventory is full. The only way you can die is by forgetting to heal when at extremely low HP.

Other stuff from that review

>>Good — Filled With Insanity
What he's trying to say is "CROSSOVERS SO RANDUM LOLOLOL". Only yeah there's barely any story and thus barely any interactions between the characters which is the entire fucking point of a crossover. So it's rubbish as a crossover game (maybe I'm just used to Suparobo).

>>Good — Lots of Customization 
There is no customization you stupid fuck. You can equip two items and assign a solo unit to any twin unit, that's it.

He goes on to talk about the combo system using this as an example of  "customization" (what the fuck?) and manages to get it completely wrong too. Any attack that isn't a cross hit will send the enemy flying up into the air or to the left to bounce back towards you, and you can follow that up with any other attack. The combination or order doesn't fucking matter at all, dumbass.

>>Good — Complex Level Design
Now the guy's just pulling things out of his ass.

>>Mixed — An Unforgiving Difficulty Curve
See above. Yep he hasn't played the fucking game.

Anyway yeah this game is absolute rubbish and I want my money back. 




但し海外ではSuper Robot WarsではなくSuper Robot Taisen 










それなら別にいいが、クロスオーバーの醍醐味である別作品のキャラの絡み合いがあまりない。戦闘前の会話がほぼすべて、しかも自軍同士の会話しかない(ボスと戦うとボスとの会話どころか 自 軍 の 会 話 も 発 生 し な い )


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