24 November, 2012

Loot (24th November 2012)

Watched Eva and Gothicmade. Eva was... okay, I guess. Need to see the next movie before I can really judge it (think Empire Strikes Back). Gothicmade was... pretty bad, honestly. Which is very unfortunate because I like Nagano's designs. 

Combat Creatures Attacknid. Saw the Futaba thread, got one myself. It's AWESOME.

 Other stuff. Got the Fubuki for retail which is a feat considering how most Shinki are selling at 3-5 times retail these days. Already cleared Hitman: Absolution, it was fucking terrible. Got Shining Force EXA because of PXZ and have been chipping away at it bit by bit. It's decent, but I have to say I was pretty surprised because the only other Shining Force games I'd played were the ones for the Megadrive and I was expecting something similar.

Also not really loot, but stuff I'm sending people for Christmas:

I've been playing Hayarigami 2 on my Vita, have almost cleared it, and have gotten 3 (with UMD passport so only 500 yen) for the Vita as well. Love this series.

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