29 December, 2012

Comic Market 83, day 1

I'm up at 2 AM (actually been up since before midnight, slept maybe a tad too early) ready for Comic Market!

It's fucking raining.


Plan on hitting the corporate booths first as usual (top priority: 5pb and Hibiki) and will get doujinshi and maybe doujin games on the third day.

Update: Back from the first day. Loot:
 The rain stopped before I reached Ariake and the ground was dry enough to sit on but I nearly froze to death anyway because right before I left the hotel I realised that I'd lost my fucking scarf (checked at the front desk just now; Turns out I dropped it somewhere in the hotel yesterday and they picked it up) and so ended up heading off to Comiket without it. It was so fucking cold I couldn't bring myself to even mess with my phone let alone read any of the books I brought with me. Bah.

But anyway yeah. Loot! Got most of the stuff I wanted, the only high priority thing left is the stuff from 5pb's booth and that's it. And as usual the only doujin stuff I'm interested in are on the third day.

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