30 December, 2012

Comic Market 83, day 2

Today's loot. As I'd gotten everything on my priority list except for the Age stuff from 5pb's booth I left the hotel at 10. Still had to line up a bit to get in, then had to line up outside in the rain (no umbrellas allowed! Thankfully it was wussy mist-ish rain and I didn't really get wet) to get my 5pb stuff (didn't actually wait that long, only lined up for like 10-20 minutes). Didn't have to line up for the other stuff. Didn't get much because I only wanted to get stuff that could fit into my bag (= no big fancy paper bags) because of the rain (yes the Nippon Ichi paper bag could fit into my bag, though barely).

Anyway, only day 3's doujinshi left. Plan on leaving around 10 again tomorrow. Thankfully it seems like it won't be raining.

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