03 December, 2012

Dai-2-ji Super Robot Taisen OG

Cleared it yesterday. It was fucking FANTASTIC. Not without its flaws of course, event sorties and route splits kept messing up the roster, the weapon equipping system was pretty much redundant, and the ability system was utter rubbish. Also the EX portion moved kind of slow. But otherwise it's good old fuckawesome suparobo and just awesome all-round.

Loved the addition of vocal songs. I always had the vague feeling that they'd do it eventually while never really expecting them to actually do it, so imagine my surprise when Victory started playing in the fight against AI1. And then Zengar started saying lines from Skill and SKILL STARTED FUCKING PLAYING FUCK YEAH.

Top aces prior to the final stage. I gave up on getting the SR points after missing quite a few, but still got onto the true route (was on normal difficulty, so what people are saying about the true route being hard only is clearly wrong).

Big spoilers below!

そ れ も 私 だ

Ganeden with AI1 for a core with Yuuzes' mask and a crossgate for a halo? AWESOME!
That was hilarious.

The usual picture, updated:
Anyway, went on the Masaki and both Earth routes. Doing the other routes in my second playthrough.

Edit: Cleared my second playthrough.

Defeated the final boss in one turn ON THE FIRST TURN. Excluding seishin, only moving one unit.

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