27 December, 2012

durr hurr

I thought up a new vidya game

CALL OF THE BROTHERS OF THE COMPANY OF A BAND OF HEROES 4 BLACK SPEC OPS 2: MODERN TALES OF VALOUR FROM THE LINE, the new original high-octane action-thriller blockbuster from the award-winning team at Wherever the Fuck delivers the most intense, cinematic, provocative and gripping modern military first-person shooting action experience ever designed. The persistent, addictive and customizable gameplay is overflowing with raw brutality, adrenaline-filled gunplay and skull crushing intuitive visceral combat, and also sets to challenge players' morality with non-linear gameplay and a character driven narrative taking place in the most varied, complete and alive digital world ever created.

(It's an open-world cover-based FPS with NPC civillians and you get a bad ending if you shoot too many of them. GAME OF THE YEAR!)

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