07 January, 2012

HGUC 1/144 Unicorn Gundam (Destroy mode)

So since I had all those kits from that fukubukuro I decided to go snap together the AG Age kits.

Comes moulded in one colour? You're fucking kidding me.

And since I had my tools out I figured I might as well build one of those other kits in my backlog. Decided on the HGUC Unicorn I'd gotten over half a year ago. (Oh, and now that I think about it, there're kits in my backlog I don't even have in this country with me. Damn it.)

RX-78 beam saber blades because the cheap fuckers included no blades even though it comes with four handles. And I have it using the RX-78's handles too because I'm lazy and also because I broke off a peg in one of the Unicorn's.

White Album 2 Closing Chapter (3)

Cleared it about a week ago actually, just didn't get around to writing a post about it.

Overall, this may very well be Maruto's greatest work ever.

It keeps the general themes of White Album (winter, singing, love triangle) intact while being something completely different.

The first three routes were all fantastic (unrelated but I liked Chiaki's the most), and Setsuna's route in Coda was great. Unfortunately both of Kazusa's routes (i.e. the grand finale to the whole thing) were a bit disappointing. During and after IC I was totally more for Kazusa than Setsuna, but somehow the delays to CC, the novel that came with it, and the entire second part with her not around resulted in me being unable to empathise with Haruki in Kazusa's routes. Eh.

Oh and the drama CDs and books? Just stick them in the game damn it (I know the books are included in digital form in the game but I mean REALLY make them part of the game).

Overall... I enjoyed Parfait more, really. Don't get me wrong, White Album 2's definitely one of the best games I've ever played. But eh, love triangles and bad endings aren't really my thing. So yeah, I enjoyed Parfait more.