30 March, 2012

Tamashii Features Vol 3

The event opens to the public tomorrow, but hey, I'm not the public.

Stuff with photography restricted included: Monster Arts Evangelion enemies (Sachiel and movie Zeruel's first form, complete with crazy multi-layer AT field effect parts), some new Armour Girls stuff (Misaka, Haruhi characters, Gp03, new Infinite Stratos stuff), Persona 3/4 Zero/D Arts stuff (Zero for all the P4 characters and Kitaro, D-Arts for all the main first personae in 4 except Sukunahikona and Kintokidouji, plus Thanatos, Izanagi-no-Ookami and Magatsu Izanagi), and though no sample, lineart for Metal Build Gundam Exia.

Today's loot (30th March 2012)

So many games to play, so little time to play them.

I now have all of the regular-sized tapestries except for Sachi's (sold out)

Was at the screening of the first episode of Akibaranger. It was okay.

Next gen game consoles, blah blah blah wall of text

So, I've been hearing disturbing things about the next generation of video game consoles. To be precise, to get rid of piracy and second-hand sales, supposedly they're going to make it so that

-Your games are linked to your account, so you can only play them on that one account
-Because they're linked to your account, you have to be online all the time to play your games

That's simple enough. Who the hell these days has a video game console and not an internet connection? And it's not like you're playing online, you just need to log in (even a shitty connection can do that, right) and you can play your games. No problems, right?

Fuck you, there're plenty of problems.

When I buy games I like to be able to keep them away somewhere and then dig them up maybe ten, fifteen years later and play them again. Or yeah, used games- You have to acknowledge the fun of digging through a used game stores' selection of games from a generation or two ago. I still sometimes dig up an old Playstation or Saturn or PS2 game and play it, and though the recent trend of neglecting debugging and relying too heavily on patches after release, and firmware updates to the hardware would probably cause quite a few problems, I'm sure that I'll be doing that in five, ten years with PS3 and 360 games.

So yeah, this bullshit which makes it so that games are just rentals? I don't like it one bit. Especially with that account stuff- If they stop supporting your system, that's it. There go all your games. Your rental is over, your discs are worthless.

Sure, the same goes for Steam, but at least Steam charges ridiculous (I mean in a good, $5 way) prices for lots of their games, and you can get most of the games on it on disc if you want anyway.

This thing with the next generation of consoles, though. From what I've heard, disc or not, the account authentication bullshit still applies. And somehow I really doubt that they're going to give us Steam-level discounts.

So yeah, long story short- I'm not going to fork out the full price for a console game that you can disable whenever you want, asshole. Fuck you.

29 March, 2012

Today's loot (29th March 2012)

I am EVER so fucking pissed right now. ( I stopped by the Grisaia Museum on the way home and grabbed more stuff (that's the Chizuru tapestry up there by the way, and I got yet another poster set- this is my third- from the draw). They still didn't have stock of all the stuff I wanted and I asked: I was told that they had no idea when new stock would come in, or indeed if they would even be getting any new stock at all.

I left and did some shit and had dinner and came home... to this.
Oh look new stock of everything I wanted came in an hour after I left. Fuck you.

Anyway yeah, that's today's loot, I may be stopping by the Grisaia Museum YET AGAIN tomorrow if they still have stock, plus I have stuff arriving soon (three games released tomorrow, latest G4U hasn't arrived) and the Anime Contents Expo is this weekend too so there'll be more loot this week for sure.