29 June, 2012

Phantasy Star Online 2

Guy I know persuaded me to start playing this but the servers have been down ever since I installed it. Messed around in the benchmark/character creator a bit.

28 June, 2012

Loot and stuff (28th June 2012)

Robotics;Notes is out! Don;t They;Love Semi;Colons?

And yeah, I ordered two display cases for my figures and stuff. Unfortunately one came over defective and the guys brought it back and will be sending a new one over later, so for now I only have one. Ah well, haven't unpacked most of my figures anyway.

Unpacked a few more just for this case, in fact.

Layout could still use some adjusting, but I'll do that when the second case arrives. Can also fit another two in addition to that under my window here.

Also Beach Queens Chihaya in that funny position because I kind of broke her foot peg. Eh.

27 June, 2012


So yeah, moved from a suburban middle of nowhere area to one of the 23 special wards. This place is pretty nice.

Still haven't unpacked most of my stuff.

Anyway, photos.

Stuff packed up in my old place

 And in my new place (it still looks like this right now)


 Chihaya panel! (If they release Hibiki I might get her and Makoto to complete my unit)

Desk as I added stuff to it:

Idolmaster 7th Anniversary concert

Better pictures than before.

26 June, 2012


So yeah got internet in my new place. Will upload photos and shit of whatever later maybe. Also


Idolmaster 7th Anniversary concert day 2 @ Shinjuku Wald 9

Well this post is two days late.

Not much to say. Song lineup was the same as the first day's. People waving light sticks and doing all the calls in a movie theatre was pretty surreal though.

Ordered all the goods I wanted but couldn't get from Lawson.

24 June, 2012

Idolmaster 7th Anniversary concert day 1 @ Yokohama Arena

Updating from phone so I'll keep it short. Hate the iPhone keyboard.

Holy shit four hours. I ended up never finding my original ticket and thus had to stand. My feet are KILLING me.

Watching the live broadcast of tomorrow's.