24 August, 2012

22 August, 2012

Shin Megami Tensei 3 (2)

Cleared it. Amara ending.
Messed up and dropped Zentaikougeki instead of Haja no Koudan when learning Shikou no Madan and saved over before I noticed. But that was right before the final boss anyway so it didn't really matter. But yeah, main character was my main attacker; Critical kiai Shikou no Madan with four randamaiza and tarukaja was doing over 7500.

Trumpeter: Emergency healer and randamaiza caster.

Raidou: Attacker 2. Yoshitsune Kenzan wasn't doing that much compared to Shikou no Madan but the high critical rate was really good in getting my main guy's turn to come round.

Mother Harlot: Main healer and tarukaja caster.

Made Thor and Nyx too but didn't really use them at all.

All my demons.

Noah and the dungeon annoyed me but Ahriman (just pathetic) and Baal Avatar (majin party,  everyone was immune to her curse) sucked. Kagutsuchi sucked the worst.

Yes I killed his second form in three minutes. That's how hard he sucked.

And of course since this is the Amara route it doesn't end there.

Yeeeaaaaaaaaah he wasn't anywhere as tough as I'd expected. Kind of sucked, in fact. He only managed to kill my Trumpeter because he got lucky (Hajime ni Yami ariki got it down to half HP, then he hit it with a critical physical, and then he cast prominence and hit it again). Ah well.

And unlike a whole bunch of other bosses I killed Kagutsuchi and Lucifer on my first try. Yeaaah they sucked.

Chronicles version has this which wasn't in the previous versions apparently (never played them). Maybe I ought to translate the whole thing, it's not in the English version either.

Edit: Did so.

Report on the Investigation of the Hito-Shura

*Penned by Gouto in light of the absence of Narumi

We journeyed to the strange land of the "Vortex World" to investigate and subdue the Hito-Shura ("A") by commission of the Elderly Gentleman ("B").
The following was determined after investigation of the area: That the land was that where non-human entities lived, and that A was at the centre of a fight to the death amongst Majin.
Though we were able to come into contact with A, we were unable to fulfil B's request.
Additionally, B's suspicious actions led us to believe that he was hiding something.
The greatest yield from handling this case was our being able to glimpse gods and demons at work.
It would appear that the controlling forces presiding over the final battle of light and dark in this ruined land that seems to be Tokyo's future may reach our own Imperial City.
If so, we must stop them at all costs.
When that time comes, A could be an invincible ally or the ultimate nemesis.
It is only when that time is here that we will know, and all we can do is pray that such a time never comes.

*Note: No matter how many times I try, the paws of a cat are indeed not suitable for the use of a typewriter.

21 August, 2012

Shin Megami Tensei 3

P4G left me in a Megaten mood and I've been chipping away at Megaten 3 ever since. Never actually cleared it before; Had a couple of false starts which I ended up rage quitting (the furthest I'd gotten before was the Matador). Started from the beginning again and took two hours to gather stuff to defeat the Matador, and found the game to be pretty easy ever since (then again I'm using a lot of majin so that might be contributing to it)..

Belzebub took me ages to defeat because I did crap damage to him, but he likewise did crap damage to me.

As with all bosses fought him once, took a look at what he had, went back with the magatama to make me immune to jusatsu (the rest of my party was already immune to it) and owned him upside-down. Took half an hour because I didn't really have any good damage sources (main attacker being the hitoshura with kiai -> haja no koudan.

And yes I was using a level 49 Daisoujou in that fight. The guy's just too useful.

Was expecting Metatron in the fifth Kalpa what with him yelling at me before and so went in with the magatama to block hama (majin party as usual so didn't need to worry about everyone else).

Defeated him on my first try. He was PATHETIC. And yes I was still using the Daisoujou. 

Amara deep zone, clear!

Anyway, my party:

I'm using the black, red and pale riders to go through dungeons, and the Daisoujou (main healer + otakebi, meisou so he never runs out of MP) and White Rider (buffs) for bosses with the last member determined by what I'm facing..

Yeeeaaaaah the game's kind of pretty easy at this point.

Time to enter the final dungeon!