08 September, 2012

This week's loot (8th September 2012)

Was overseas for the first half of the week, had time to play Fire Emblem: Kakusei and totally loved the shit out of it. As a result I went and grabbed the DS Fire Emblem games as soon as I got back to Japan... and have since then still been playing Kakusei. It's that good. My shitty shitty Tsutaya as usual didn't have anything I was looking for so I ended up heading over to Akihabara to get them and ended up with more eroge because I'm me. Ah well.


Edit: Oh right, I also got a laptop off an acquaintance for real cheap (about $300; The guy's four-person family already has like seven computers among them and they didn't need this one which they got free from buying some new appliance)  so I can now surf the internet, watch DVDs and play games in bed. Hooray!

I really need to recall my fucking Steam password.

06 September, 2012

Fire Emblem: Kakusei

Got the 3DS for Soul Hackers, ended up playing this first and loving the shit out of it. It's just plain fantastic. Only complaint I have is that it's a bit short, cleared it in 15 hours (currently have 20 hours clocked, after clearing it I went around doing more stuff; Still am in fact).

As usual, my characters' current stats:

 I just played the game normally and then my guy went and married a dragon and  and then his dragon daughters from the future time travelled to the present and the whole happy dragon family went and murdered everything in their way with dragon fire. Did I mention how this game is awesome?

Oh and the final boss is kind of pathetic (spoiler!)