29 September, 2012

Today's Loot (29th September 2012)

Tamashii web stuff: Magna Giga, Nu expansion set, two fin funnel sets. Got Zolda to go with Magna Giga and another Nu for the fin funnel stuff (didn't want to mess with the one I already have on display). Got the Sazabi because eh why not.


More Idolmaster stuff from Namco Namja Town. Only got one of the tapestries, will have to make another trip there when they have new stock.

New stuff, and Busoushinki TV starting soon made me finally unpackage the Arnval Mk II I got with Battle Masters Mk 2.

26 September, 2012

Today's loot (26th September 2012)

Watched the Tiger & Bunny movie. It was really good. I was expecting the usual Sunrise shitting out a bunch of TV series footage stitched together with a few new cuts, but most of it was entirely new.

Also hit Namja town because of the Idolmaster fair. They were out of tapestries so I'm going to be hitting the place again this Saturday.