29 December, 2012

Comic Market 83, day 1

I'm up at 2 AM (actually been up since before midnight, slept maybe a tad too early) ready for Comic Market!

It's fucking raining.


Plan on hitting the corporate booths first as usual (top priority: 5pb and Hibiki) and will get doujinshi and maybe doujin games on the third day.

Update: Back from the first day. Loot:
 The rain stopped before I reached Ariake and the ground was dry enough to sit on but I nearly froze to death anyway because right before I left the hotel I realised that I'd lost my fucking scarf (checked at the front desk just now; Turns out I dropped it somewhere in the hotel yesterday and they picked it up) and so ended up heading off to Comiket without it. It was so fucking cold I couldn't bring myself to even mess with my phone let alone read any of the books I brought with me. Bah.

But anyway yeah. Loot! Got most of the stuff I wanted, the only high priority thing left is the stuff from 5pb's booth and that's it. And as usual the only doujin stuff I'm interested in are on the third day.

27 December, 2012

durr hurr

I thought up a new vidya game

CALL OF THE BROTHERS OF THE COMPANY OF A BAND OF HEROES 4 BLACK SPEC OPS 2: MODERN TALES OF VALOUR FROM THE LINE, the new original high-octane action-thriller blockbuster from the award-winning team at Wherever the Fuck delivers the most intense, cinematic, provocative and gripping modern military first-person shooting action experience ever designed. The persistent, addictive and customizable gameplay is overflowing with raw brutality, adrenaline-filled gunplay and skull crushing intuitive visceral combat, and also sets to challenge players' morality with non-linear gameplay and a character driven narrative taking place in the most varied, complete and alive digital world ever created.

(It's an open-world cover-based FPS with NPC civillians and you get a bad ending if you shoot too many of them. GAME OF THE YEAR!)

26 December, 2012

Loot, December 2012 (Pre-komike)

So yeah been kind of busy this month and didn't really have time to update. But I'm finally free! Also Comic Market is this weekend.

Comics/books and Figma Yukiko which was on sale. The only books here I've actually read so far are Tasogare Otome and Haganai. With Hikaru ga Chikyuu ni Ita koro I haven't even read the previous book. Eh. Haganai was good as usual. Everyone being related in some way to everyone else reminded me of Nekuroma though (ought to re-read that sometime)..

Games and more ranobe. Hitman Absolution was absolute shit.. Hitman: Absolution? More like Splinterman: Convicsolution. And Lynch.

I already mentioned how Suparobo was fucking awesome. Halfway through my third playthrough, taking my time with it.

Eroge. The Applique FD was pretty cool (especially since they usually don't do fandiscs) but was kiiind of short. Bah. Just got Sono Hanabira ni Kuchiduke wo today so I haven't touched it yet. Already had the three Applique games but got the collection anyway because hell why not?