30 December, 2013

Comic Market 85, day 2

Pixiv Madomagi illustration book, Im@studio set, Leaf Nakamura illustration book and poster, Little Busters Card Mission art collection, Key set (calendar, Angel Beats book, Angel Beats badge, Little Busters Refrain soundtrack), Nekoneko and Cotton sets, Kiraoto soundtrack (yeah I ended up getting it anyway), Favourite phone stands (Iroseka's Shinku and Hoshimemo's Mare), Falcom gacha phone straps (got one Rean and two Epstein Foundations).

And that's all the corporate booth stuff I wanted that wasn't sold out (namely the Aniplex and TBS Idolmaster stuff and Satelight's Symphogear books). Going to browse doujinshi tomorrow.


Fan "translations"

You know, sometimes when I point out how shitty fan translations are, people (typically the translators or, inexplicably, their fans; That's right, pathetic fucks who are fans of fan translators) get offended and go "you do it then" and call me "elitist". For saying that only people who actually understand a language should claim they understand it. I'm such a stuck-up dick! HOW DARE I SUGGEST THAT ONLY PEOPLE WHO UNDERSTAND A LANGUAGE CAN UNDERSTAND IT, I MUST BE A NAZI.

But yeah. Is it really so difficult to, I don't know, NOT try and "translate" stuff in languages you don't understand? 

Language isn't some sort of fucking puzzle where your shitty online dictionary acts as a magic spy decoder. Knowing what individual words mean amounts to fuck-all if you can't even tell how they join together. And saying "btw muh japanese sucks(/is not perfect/I'm not fluent) so this might not be accurate lol" is a fucking cop-out; People who don't understand the language tend to be stupid enough to take "translations" by people who have no clue what they're doing at face value.

So what I'm trying to say is: If you're going to add a disclaimer make it "I've never studied Japanese and made up this pile of steaming bullshit while consulting my online dictionary and did not consider context and syntax", because that's what it actually is. You worthless piece of shit.

29 December, 2013

Comic Market 85, day 1

Left to right, top-down: Bags, Age bag, Age calendar, 5pb calendar, Science Adventure book, Memories Off book, Aoi series set, Robot Girls Z book, Age set, Muv-Luv LD compilation book, random free shit, tapestries (White Album 2 x2, Sen no Kiseki x2), Grisaia set, Falcom calendar, Sen no Kiseki iPhone 5 cover (even though I'm still using an iPhone 4).

That's pretty much everything I wanted except for Sattelight and Bushiroad's stuff (long lines, will try tomorrow) and Nekoneko and Cotton's (actually had a line when I was in front of their booth today, I'll get their sets when the line's gone tomorrow)

27 December, 2013



Edit: So yeah I started playing Kankore.

Tama was my first ship to be upgraded, followed by Shigure.

Kept trying to get battleships and failing for some time, and then all of a sudden got two in a row.

Current main fleet.


余談だが「星界軍第1蹂躙戦隊」の読みは「laburec saubh dtirér casna」(ラブールソーヴ・ディレール・カースナ)、な!

This week's loot (26th December 2013)

23 December, 2013