16 January, 2013

Loot (20th January 2013)

Rewatched all of 00 on Bandai Channel. I think you can easily deduce what effect it had on me.

Now that I think about it Age was plain terrible when it came to selling kits, the MS just didn't have any/enough cool gimmicks. AGE-1 and AGE-3 pretty much came down to "you can swap the parts!" to which I say "YOU CAN FUCKING DO THAT WITH PRETTY MUCH ANY OTHER FUCKING GUNDAM KIT EVER". AGE-2 of course could transform but at least Arios/Kyrios also had that awesome claw thing, and Harute was just sexy. FX and its funnels are okay but it's just Quanta recycled. Meanwhile in 00 there's Exia with the cool big switchblade sword, 00 with the fun combination gimmick, Virtua with cast off, Seravee which is a Gundam which has a backpack that is another Gundam (also six arms), Raphael which is a Gundam that has a hat that is another Gundam (when the fuck are they making a kit of Seravee II damn it), Dynames with the cool cape shield thing, Cherudim with the guns and bits, etc.

Age was just bland when it came to toys, which was a lethal blow to it considering how it was made to try and get more kids into Gundam. Ah well.

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