04 February, 2013

Building the Neo Granzon (1)

Now, as you might be able to tell from my previous loot post, I'd gotten the non-scale Kotobukiya Neo Granzon model kit.
From what I've seen of it, it looks fantastic. There's just one major problem I have with it, though: All the bits that ought to be gold are yellow. Horrible yellow. If I had to give this particular shade of yellow a name it'd be Kindergarten Yellow. Because it looks like the kind of yellow you see on, you know, toys. For pre-schoolers.

It's horrid, is what I'm trying to say.

So yeah, I got a can of gold spray paint! One problem though: I've never used spray paint ever before. At all.

Did some reading up first. When I handled the parts I found that they were kind of... icky. Waxy. So I decided to test out the spray on an empty bit of runner first.

Yeah the paint didn't stick on very well.

And so, a baptism in body soap!

And a second test:

Yep, looks like that helped.

Preparing of parts for spraying:

The spraying:

The results (also comparison to the base colour)

Worked on the other bits of the shoulders while waiting for the paint to dry.

Upper shoulder almour complete! ...Yes I missed some spots but eh whatever, it's harder to tell in person. Also the gold looks a lot better in person.

Update: 5th February- Finished the shoulders.

Also turned the yellow bits on two of the pre-painted parts gold (my first time doing masking)

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