11 February, 2013

February 10th 2013: Wonder Festival 2013 Winter/Idolmaster Music Festival of Winter

I caught a cold or the flu or something and was sick as fuck.

But the Idolmaster concert ticket was expensive and I was looking forward to it and Wonder Festival was at the same place on the same day and I'm not one to pussy out from stuff like a stupid cold or flu or whatever (haven't seen a doctor since there's no fever, just been popping pills from the pharmacy so I'm not really sure which it is).

So yeah I went anyway. Didn't take a lot of photos this time.

Wonder Festival:

Idolmaster concert: They did half-assed bag checks this time so the line to get in was ridiculously long. Said checks obviously served no purpose in looking for guns or whatever because they were REALLY half-assed. But they made everyone throw away drinks, and the reason became apparent very soon: They had drinks on sale inside for double the price! Fuck Messe.

Unlike stupid Yokohama Arena where I couldn't see shit though this time I was pretty close to the stage, and the entire hall was smaller so I presume everyone has better views of it than at Yokohama. Seats were cramped though, think Tokyo Dome City Hall was the best experience I've had at an Idolmaster concert so far.

So yeah, movie and yet another fucking mobile game.

The concert was fantastic. Full versions of new (Shiny Festa) songs, live band (that alone makes existing songs feel entirely new), and weird combinations (a lot of people covering songs of others who weren't here today). I can honestly say I think it's the best Idolmaster concert I've attended so far.

I had a terrible headache when I first got home and intended to sleep immediately but the shower fixed me up a bit, maybe I'll upload photos of today's loot.

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