22 February, 2013

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance, clear

It was pretty fantastic overall but got kind of wacky at the end. Also way to ruin Raiden's happy ending from MGS4, are they planning a sequel or something?

About 20 of those 29 continues came from the final boss (with the metal gear I didn't realise you could parry its attacks until I died a dozen times and the real final boss just kind of murdered me a few times before I realised you can't parry his attacks). Also five came from the bit running down the clock tower to Ray.

And yeah, kind of short. I can't help but feel that there should've been a bike sequence when escaping from Denver, and a bit more stuff in the final stage (preferably with Raiden taking on a bunch of Rays). Excelsus sucked too.

Edit: Cleared my second playthrough (hard).
 It was even easier than the first playthrough. I have to say though, the best moments of the game are mostly in the first half and it gets a bit boring once you've cleared it once because it's all the same stuff over again. This really ought to have been at least twice as long.

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