28 March, 2013

Loot (28th March 2013)

Already had Demonbane of course but I couldn't find my copy of the PC version and wanted to play it again because of UX and my version was the ancient one anyway and my new laptop's Windows 7. So yeah I got a new copy, the updated one that works with newer versions of Windows.

Like I mentioned on Twitter, UX's SD Gundam got me interested in three kingdoms shit so I went and got Koihime Musou. That makes perfect sense.

Material Brave Ignition finally dropped below half price as I expected so I grabbed it and am still not entirely convinced that it was worth it.

Also I love Ichigo Mashimaro.

And yeah I finally went off the deep end and got the Dolores BD box.

Also, my convenience mart had the Macross 30th anniversary Ichiban Kuji so I got a few
Mylene is alright but the other three: In order from the left- Hate her (she was alright in the movie but GOD I hated her in the TV series), forgot her name until I looked at the base (I remembered Mao's though so weeeeird), never even watched her show (I ought to sometime).

Noticed that the heads were compatible with other Ichiban Kuji stuff so
Imai Asami did a cover of Ai Oboeteimasuka on that old radio show too so extra cool.

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