22 March, 2013

Super Robot Taisen UX

My Kurou before the final stage:

Have I mentioned my love for Demonbane? If you've been reading this blog then it should be pretty apparent but I'll just say again that I fucking love Demonbane.

When are we getting 2 anyway? Hell what happened to that something Q thing Haganeya Jin was supposed to be working on?


But anyway yeah I cleared UX. It was pretty fucking good! Unfortunately not as good as W, but really close and tons better than all the other DS ones. Writing was great this time round though the original stuff was kind of bland. Some parts of the game system were annoying (the partner system sucks real fucking bad; They should've made it so that multi-target attacks can be used even when you're in a pair, but only with certain attacks, like recent OG or Alpha 2/3: It was horribly annoying flying a superpowerful unit into a crowd only to have to pick them off one of each pair one by one during the enemy phase on one turn, and then fucking do it again the following turn. Also forced sorties making you have to redo the fucking partners EVERY FUCKING STAGE), the lack of BGMs for some bits were disappointing (WHY THE FUCK IS WEST'S THEME and to a lesser extent Therion's NOT IN HERE), and the quality of the attack animations varied widely but for the most part was far below the standard I've come to expect of recent Suparobo titles. Also fuck the secrets and their retarded requirements, I didn't get Therion despite see my SEVEN HUNDRED KILLS above, and I had Graham near maxed and one of my top aces and then he went and fucking died. Actually everyone who could die did so and the only secrets I got were Lux and the camo Bilbine. Cock.

That being said though I really liked how there were a lot of references and stuff to the source materials, and the crossover stuff was extremely good (oh that Hazard), so in the end it was a pretty good game.

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