22 April, 2013

English fandom annoys me, what else is new

Quoting myself from somewhere:

Okay I've been seeing this mentioned on pretty much all the English-speaking forums I've been to and it's been bothering the shit out of me and this is the only place I actually bothered to register on with a Megaten thread so I'm just going to let it off my chest here.


Lucifer constantly says that his enemy is the "great will" (大いなる意思). Kagutsuchi says he was created by the Great Will. YHVH SAYS HIMSELF THAT HE TOO WAS CREATED BY THE GREAT WILL. The Great Will is clearly a separate entity. Lucifer explains the Amara universe as being created and controlled not by YHVH or the yuiitsushin or whatever but by, yes, the Great Will. Maybe a botched rubbish translation in one or more games caused people to get this wrong, I've only played the games in Japanese and it's pretty clearly stated.

Blah blah the Great Will gave the world freedom

Lucifer's aide explaining the Amara universe:
Blah blah that is the rule of Amara determined by the Great Will

After you join Lucifer:
Blah everyone thinks it's you who will help the dark angel to defeat the Great Existence blah

YHVH himself:
The Great Will of the universe will recreate me as many times as necessary as long as blah blah

Furthermore IIRC the explanation of the Amara universe in 3 says something that can be interpreted as each world having its own Kagutsuchi-like being in charge of it which probably refers to stuff like Babel and Polaris and Brahman and yes, YHVH.

So like yeah anyway YHVH isn't the Great Will.

Edit: Also people never seem to mention the Buddhism spin on things introduced in 3 even though it uses all those Indian terms from it and you know is about reincarnation and stuff. Lucifer's desire to break the cycle of reincarnation pretty much makes him Buddha.

Just saying.

Edit: And I just randomly googled some of this stuff in English to see what people are saying about it and hoooooly shit the Megami Tensei wiki contains stuff that openly contradicts what is clearly stated in the game. "It is strongly implied that stuff we made up that says the exact opposite of what the actual game says is true YHVH IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CONCEPTION AND HE IS THE MULTIDIMENSIONAL KAGUTSUCHIS GREAT WILL WITH POWER LEVEL OVER 9000". Wow.

And whenever I complain about English wikis someone tells me to go edit it myself but the last time I tried doing something like that the territorial dicks who had been "working" (i.e. making up shit) on the article before me reverted all my edits, asked for evidence, claimed that anything in Japanese doesn't count even though the article was on a game that wasn't out in English yet because they didn't understand the language, and then called in some of their admin friends to threaten to ban me for vandalising the page.

But yeah, a lot of English wiki pages (of both Wikipedia and the extra shitty topic-specific varity) on Japanese-related topics are filled with bullshit written by ignorant cunts who write articles on Japanese books (or games or whatever) even though they 1) haven't read said books (or played the games or whatever) 2) DON'T EVEN FUCKING UNDERSTAND JAPANESE. They get all their bullshit from retarded fansubbers spouting rubbish on forums or wherever the fuck and add in more stupid bullshit they made up to fill up the gaps and call it "theories". And then when someone who actually knows fucking anything at all comes and removes their shit they go all HURRRR VANDALISM WHERE'S YOUR PROOF. And when you actually give them proof they go "Japanese sources don't count because I don't understand Japanese!" even though the article's about something that is only fucking available in Japanese.

Am I seriously the only fucking person in the world who sees how fucking stupid these idiots are?

Oh and once there was an article so fucking stupid it got articles in the Japanese news. I linked the news article to that article's talk page and the people writing it said that they knew better than the Japanese, because what would the Japanese know about Japanese stuff.


Anyway yeah long story short any English wiki article on any Japanese media is full of shit and written by ignorant pieces of shit and I'm grumpy and get mad just thinking about things that happened years ago.

Seriously though fuck those cunts on the megaten wiki. And on wikipedia.

Edit: Mentioned this on IRC:

Yeah. Just look at these cunts (no I'm not in there nor would I ever consider joining in).

Edit: Oh and I just want to point out how these stupid fuckers kept insisting that the mastermind behind P4U was Nyarlathotep and GUESS WHAT NYARLATHOTEP HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT YOU STUPID FUCKS.

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