25 May, 2013

Grisaia no Rakuen, clear

It was pretty good but to be honest I enjoyed Kajitsu and Meikyuu more.

The last bits of Blanc Aile especially were pretty bad. Yuuji suddenly becoming a superhuman killing machine, bad guys showing up and instantly dying ("HI THERE I'M YOU'RE EVIL CLONE LET'S HAVE A KNIFE FIGHT" "OKAY" "BLEURGH I DIE"), the silly bomb bracelet (if he dies everything within 1500 meters go off, and he's on their ship, and they try their best to kill him, what?) and such. But at least it had a satisfying ending, which is something I can't say for another game I'd been really looking forward to that was recently released.

Blanc Aile After was way too short. Prologue was good but also too short. I actually kept track of how long it took me to clear the game this time (well, rather I cleared each scenario in one sitting and just looked at my timestamped logs on IRC to gauge how long I took) and the results were

Blanc Aile: 13 hours
Blanc Aile After: 2 hours
Prologue: 4 hours

So yeah, pretty short.

I now feel like going through Kajitsu yet again though.

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