14 June, 2013

Cleared Mass Effect Trilogy

Been chipping away at the Mass Effect Trilogy over the past three weeks or so (though one of those weeks was dedicated more to Reminiscence which turned out to be rubbish). I enjoyed it! It was good! And maybe it was because I started off with the extended cut version or because I wasn't hyped up for it for years, but the ending wasn't too bad either. I mean, I've seen worse. Far worse. And of course it doesn't help that most of the games I've played in the past month weren't very good either.


But yeah, I enjoyed it. I think I'll be doing a second playthrough of the whole trilogy sometime soon, maybe I'll go biotic this time.

Edit: Speaking of bad endings, yeah, now that I think over the stuff I've played (and in one case read) over the past month...

-Total Eclipse (lots of things not resolved, ending is main character charging at the final boss)
-Shin Megami Tensei 4 (still only cleared law but that entire route was fucking retarded)
-Reminiscence (I thought Akatsuki no Goei got fucked up because of stuff going on among the staff. I thought wrong, it's just the writer being a cunt who refuses to release a game that's complete on its own)

...Mass Effect 3's ending was perfectly fine.

Oh and the endings are fine but I'd just like to add that Grisaia no Rakuen wasn't as good as I'd hoped (I enjoyed it and the ending and epilogue scenario are great but it was kind of disappointing in other parts) and Sakura Sakura Festival was the fucking original game rehashed and repackaged only nowhere as good (what is this Tsuyokisu 2?).

Yeaaaaah I've been disappointed by stuff a lot over the past month.

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