27 July, 2013

Princess Maker 4

Haven't played... well, cleared any games in the series for ages (I have a tendency to start playing, get bored halfway through, and never clear that playthrough). Last time I cleared a game was 5 IIRC where my daughter became an unpopular voice actress.

Anyway I grabbed 4 off the PSN store back when I first got my Vita because I didn't have any games for it yet. And then proceeded to not play it until a few days ago. This sort of game is bloody meant for portables, and I ended up clearing it in 2-3 days just chipping away a bit while surfing the interwebs at night in bed.

Anyway yeah, 4. Sent her mostly to art class at first, then to dance class later on after mastering it (she came in second in the first art competition and then was first in every single one from then on, and I survived mostly off that prize money for the first half of the game). Started to let her work at a maid cafe later on. Low stamina meant a week off every month. Results:

Best ending!

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