12 July, 2013

This week's loot (13th July 2013)

I cleared Da Capo 3. It was pretty good, and got me wanting to play the previous games. And I had no idea where I'd left my copies of the previous games (I found DCPC last night though, after placing an order for a new copy so whatever) so...


Anyway, other stuff:
(Got Decade to go with my Machine Decader even though I already have him because I don't have my original one here in Japan)

And today the new Idolmaster Ichiban Kuji stuff went on sale so...

Yeeeeaaaaaaah. (Each of those was 800 yen = $8 FYI) Results were...


Other stuff! The small figures were the lowest prize! The towels being the one right above them! I got the second-highest A prize Haruka figure but not Chihaya who was B!

Oh and I already pre-ordered an entire complete set of all of these so yeah I have no idea what the fuck I'm doing myself.

Edit (14th July 2013): There we go

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