02 August, 2013

This week's loot (2nd August 2013)

I'd forgotten to pre-order Grimgarden and went to Akihabara searching for it but it was sold out everywhere so bah. Ended up just ordering it off Sofmap.

Almost done with Gyakuten Saiban 5, and I started a new game of XCOM: Enemy Unknown for no real reason in particular (aside from feeling like killing some alien scum).

Edit (7th August): Stuff that arrived in my mail over the weekend (I was away)
 Namori artbook and Idolmaster Visa card book cover.

So yeah! I cleared Gyakuten Saiban 5. It was okay. Better than 4. 1-3 were still better. Kenji 1-2 too. But it was nice seeing Naruhodo again.

Edit (9th August): Figured I might as well squeeze this in here too.


Akabee fanclub stuff and I watched Pacific Rim which opened in Japan today.

I was very, very disappointed.

The film was just so... empty. Shallow. The designs were horrid but I figured they might be cool in motion. Nope. The action was just horrible clusterfuck after horrible clusterfuck.

I could see that they were trying to do a thing about survivor's guilt but it was just so hamfisted that I couldn't force myself to give a shit about any of the characters.

In the end it was just... I don't know. Pointless? There was nothing to it aside from ugly robot punching ugly monster non-stop. Nothing at all.

Usually after a movie I'm all "whoa that was great" or "what the fuck is this bullshit" or "what the fuck did I just watch" or whatever. This time though, nothing at all. I just didn't care. Oh it's over, time to go home.

It was bad.

Giant robots. I love giant robots. Giant monsters. I fucking love giant monsters too. In the same movie? Even better! I wanted to like this film. I really did. But I couldn't. It was just too bad a film for me to be able to like.

And so I'm just disappointed.

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