15 September, 2013

This week's loot (15th September 2013)

Jojo- I read up to partway through part 5 back in the day. Didn't really like it. The show and ASB (it's really not as bad as people say) got me interested in it again and I went and re-read part 4 again (part 4 is the best part. Fact) and then got all of part 6 and read that (skipped part 5 because see above). It was... weird. And then I got the first two volumes of Jojolion today and here I am.

Been hearing good things about Dragon's Crown. I hate the art style but the game sounds fun.

And yeah I finally caved in and got a new (well, used, but you get what I mean) Sega Saturn. I've never actually played YU-NO before, got it to see what the fuss is all about.

Edit: Can't be bothered to take a photo but I also grabbed the next two volumes of Jojolion.

Jojolion is weird.

Also I've been playing Prototype (it was on sale on Steam last week). It's pretty good. I kind of enjoyed Infamous 2 but that game was balls because it kept holding you back and didn't give you any fun stuff till near the end. It was a power fantasy which didn't give you any bloody power. Prototype still has you need to unlock stuff but at least it gives you cool stuff to play with from the start.

There's really nothing like blowing up helicopters by throwing cars at them. 

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