27 October, 2013

Blazblue Chronophantasma

Cleared story mode.

Calamity Trigger's story mode was rubbish consisting mostly of bullshit filler, and while Continuum Shift was a lot better it was still pretty bad. Also I love Persona 4 but P4U's story suffered from similar problems.

I actually enjoyed Chronophantasma's story mode.

It was a bit slow at the beginning and some of the joke endings were some of the most pathetic attempts at humour I've ever had the misfortune to come across, but otherwise their reducing the number of scenarios to just three was a fantastic decision. Several characters becoming totally worthless in the process (did Tao even appear in the latter half of the game?) was a bit unfortunate but I personally found it preferable to trudging through more bullshit filler.

So yeah, it was pretty good.

Just saying.

The cliffhanger ending was absolute balls though.

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