27 October, 2013

Loot (27th October 2013)

Yeah two loot posts in one week. I'm still relatively busy but at least there wasn't rain this weekend so out I went and perfect timing too because the Madoka Magica movie was airing.

Holy shit.

The movie was fucking good.

In all honesty I didn't like the TV series THAT much; It moved too slow, I've always hated Shaft's pretentious bullshit, and to "OMG MAMI DED MIND = BLOWN" I went "go play some Nitroplus games you ignorant cunts". I did like the last bits though but I've always had a soft spot for time loop stuff (hello Muv-Luv and Demonbane and Steins;gate and so on).

But yeah I didn't like the TV series that much and I didn't even watch the first two movies.

But holy shit.

This movie was really fucking good.

Edit: Minor thoughts on Homura, major spoilers. Highlight as usual.

People keep talking about character development and shit but I still don't see how Homura has changed at all.

Throughout the series her objective is to save Madoka no matter fucking what, even if everyone else dies. Hell in one of the previous timelines she even said that as long as she could be with Madoka she wouldn't mind becoming a witch and destroying the world.

At the end Madoka gets her wish granted and talks to Honmura and sort of persuades her to give up. But after we've seen how attached Homura is to her is it really plausible that she just let it go that easily?

And the answer is in the third movie. No of course she fucking doesn't. She's regretted the decision ever since. She outright fucking says, herself, that she never should have let Madoka go.

So no, she hasn't changed or grown at all.

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