02 October, 2013

Sen no Kiseki, clear

It was fantastic but HOLY SHIT WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT ENDING. That had even less fucking closure than the original Sora no Kiseki.

But yeah. Loved the new stuff in the battle system, loved how enemies chasing you around on the map were less annoying, loved the characters (including all the NPCs in the school you can stalk around over the course of the game). I've seen people complaining about load times but never had any problems with it myself.

But yeah that fucking ending. Also they let you make your ultimate weapons and then only let you use them in one stupid mid-boss fight, what? Plus they let you make (spoiler)'s ultimate weapon and he isn't even fucking available to you in that mid-boss fight because (spoilers). They're for subsequent playthroughs I guess. Eh.

Anyway it was longer than Zero and Ao! And going through old blog posts I realised I forgot to post my stats for Ao before. Ah well. But yeah, stats from before leaving the school for the last time:

Orbment setups. Basically had Rean spam shields and mirrors while Fie and Laura bash away with impunity, Fie using items to keep Rean's EP up when necessary. Alisa's only there for CP boosts. In the Spiegel event battle Laura did 70000 damage with her S craft at the beginning of the fight thanks to her setup with a strength buff from Rean. Only had enough shards to get one ultimate weapon, it was of course Laura.


So yeah. It was fantastic. And now to wait at least another year for the next game.


I think I'll go through Zero again and hell maybe even get the PS3 versions of Sora.

Edit: Just went and recorded this for the hell of it

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