28 November, 2013

Loot (28th+30th November 2013)

Watched the Persona 3 movie and Sakasama no Patema. They were okay.

So yeah I got a Vita TV. It's really annoying because Sony is fucktards who made it so that you can only have two portable devices activated and the Vita TV counts as one so if you have a PSP and Vita already you can't fucking use it unless you deactivate one of your other consoles. Also if you have a Sony TV it hijacks it and the remote and changes the channel on its own and locks your remote so you can't change the channel manually until you turn it off. Also the interface is shit. And it fucks up all your meticulously arranged folders/icons. And the controls are stupid (PS button to exit settings, what the fuck?). But eh you can play PS1 and PSP (and Vita I guess) games on a large TV so I guess that counts for something.

Edit (30th November):

So, Nekoneko decided to have their pre-order bonuses (including the OP single CD) give out at stores, handed over to you when you pre-order the game. If you pre-order stuff online, though? Fuck you, you don't get anything (stuff in picture is Sofmap's usual pre-order stuff).

Fuck that bullshit.

Nekoneko's stuff pretty much always ends up really cheap really soon. I still pre-order their stuff because I've been a fan since Mizuiro. But after this bullshit treatment I'm starting to think that it's about time I start to refrain from doing so.

Unrelated, Mazinkaiser:

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