05 November, 2013

Tears to Tiara 2, clear

I loved the original Tears to Tiara- the original, not the PS3 version with Arthur becoming Takayuki in a stupid costume and Morgan laughing like Rena and WHY THE FUCK DID THEY REPLACE THAT AWESOME SONG WITH FUCKING SUARA (Suara's nice and all but not so nice that you can replace the fucking theme song and not have me mad, plus her stuff doesn't fucking match TTT at all) and fucking bullshit golems shooting lasers at you through walls until you die- and though it ended with you defeating just one of a whole bunch of enemies years passed and I'd given up all hope of a sequel. And then they did the PS3 remake and TV series which gave me hope again. And then the show bombed and the PS3 remake was rubbish which extinguished that hope. Then they made a fandisc thing for the PS3 version but it was rubbish too and I didn't know what to think. And then they announced 2 but at this point I'd already given up hope. But I went and pre-ordered it anyway because eh why not, while not expecting it to be any good.

Well... it wasn't that good. But it wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be!

Okay so the writing is horrid. The original, refreshing setting is totally squandered on the bad writing and cheap, predictable plot. Hamil's a fucking caricature of the normal guy WHO TOTALLY HAS ALL THESE SUPER MAGIC POWERS AND IS SOME GUY REINCARNATED AND LOOK AT ME I'M SO BADASS HURRRRRRRR (seriously, the last game I cleared before this was Chronophantasma and Ragna the Fucking Bloodedge would feel embarassed just looking at this guy). They invade imperial territory AND THEN TURN BACK. MULTIPLE TIMES. The tempo of the whole thing was terrible (NOW WE INVADE THE IMPERIAL CAPITAL LET US GO THROUGH THIS STUPID SEWER MAP; NOW WE ATTACK THE GOLDEN PALACE BUT FIRST LET US FIGHT THESE USELESS BUMS WHO POPPED OUT OF FUCKING NOWHERE AND AS CHARACTERS ARE COMPLETELY POINTLESS). In the end pretty much nothing with the forces of heaven is settled (they don't even show up except for just one thing Lector seemingly left behind). At least the empire is gone but that's another thing- It's the big fucking war to take down the fucking holy empire and what the fuck is Arawn doing again? Nothing? Great.

So yeah the writing's bad. But what about the gameplay?

It's worse.

Masoukishin 3 had better game balance.

It's kill or be killed- usually in one hit- and sometimes the enemy surprises you with giant AOE magic that kills your entire party in one hit. Projectiles go through walls (AGAIN! That's what made me give up on TTT PS3!). THANKFULLY there's now a difficulty setting (easy mode is "Abraxas kills your entire party and you win the battle with one character left" mode) and a thing that lets you restart from the beginning of any previous turn (the RNG seed remains the same though which is bullshit as it always is), which makes the game marginally playable (unlike PS3 TTT and did I mention the golems shooting at me through walls because fuck that shit).

So yeah it was pretty bad I guess?

But like I said before I fucking loved the original game, and to have a sequel at all- no matter how bad- is a good thing. And after the load of bullshit that was PS3 TTT I wasn't expecting much at all, so in the end it wasn't too bad. Relatively. I guess.

Anyway yeah I also wrote a review in Japanese on Erogamescape so go read it I guess. It's pretty much what I wrote here though.

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