09 November, 2013

This week's loot (9th November 2013)

First of all, not loot but I went and watched the new Madomagi movie. AGAIN.
I said this before but I'll say it again. It's good. Typically, when given time to think about a film or game or whatever my opinion of it tends to drop over time as I start to notice more of the flaws. Also I hate Shaft (I find their stuff to be kind of pretentious, so much as to be obnoxious) and didn't even like the Madomagi TV series that much. Despite all this I FUCKING LOVED THE MOVIE. It's that good.

Anyway yeah loot.
Madomagi stuff (part 1). Soul gem gasha got me Sayaka and Nagisa's grief seeds, and post-transformation soul gems Kyouko x1 Sayaka x1 Homura x2. I now have two each of both pre and post transformation Homura's soul gems. Yay.

And yeah two more pamphlets in addition to the one I had before (previous one was first ed, got another first ed + regular version, will probably be giving one away to someone).

QB thing is a "smartphone stand" which is basically a small cheap QB figure with a suction cup on his tail you can attach to a smooth surface (say, the back of a smartphone) so he can hold it up. Pretty cool I guess but definitely not worth 1200 fucking yen.

Also, two key animation clear files.
Contents are random and I got Sayaka and the secret one. Not too bad I guess. Also another different series clear file, and the week 3 bonus film strip.

Other stuff. Just comics and Todokanai Koi '13. I loved that song before, I love it even more now. Nonnonbiyori is fun (Komari is the best). Arpeggio is... kind of disappointing, actually. Eh.

Anyway Madomagi secret key animation clear file and film strip:





What the hell might as well write it in English too.

My thoughts on the movie (based off my comments on twitter in Japanese): Typically after I complete a game or watch a film or whatever, what I think of it immediately after the fact and some time later after I've had some time to think about it differs significantly- When I have time to think about it, my opinion of the subject clearly drops. That's because the magic has worn off and the flaws are now more apparent. If you pay close attention to my erosuke (though I don't know why you'd be doing that) you'd notice how whenever I review a new game, I also tend to re-review games I had previously rated. And almost all the time this results in their scores dropping. Take my most recent game, Tears to Tiara 2. I started off giving it 75 right after clearing it, but just a few hours later I realised that that was totally inappropriate and lowered it to 70. A few days later I came back and figured 70 was still too high and it's now 65. Of course, there are games and films and books and whatever that don't lose their magic with time, but they're really the tiniest minority. But anyway, what I want to say is... Well. I watched the new Madomagi film again today. Of course, its flaws stood out more than they did the first time (like with the stupid Shaft neck bend that irks the shit out of me being overused as fuck). Also some scenes had really terrible quality (I'm not talking about in-between frames during action scenes, but stuff like long dialogues during which there is no movement and DUDE WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH HER FACE HERE).

BUT! These flaws were ultimately totally insignificant. The film's strengths heavily outweight its flaws. Also, while I won't go into specifics because spoilers, there were things, details that I didn't notice the previous time that I did this time. This was the first time I've ever gone to see the same film at the cinema within such a short period, and if you asked me before watching the movie what I thought of that I'd say it was ridiculous, a waste of money wait for the fucking BD, that sort of stuff. But I did not regret the decision. If anything, prior knowledge of what's going on let me pick out more stuff and enjoy the movie even more. This movie is really just that good. I've said this before, but I didn't like the TV series all that much, and didn't even bother watching the other two movies. And I hate Shaft. But holy shit this movie is fucking good.

PS: There are people (on Twitter and such, mostly in Japanese duh) going "prepare yourself before watching the film" and doing before and after reaction pictures where supposedly the movie left them super depressed or something. I have to call bullshit on them. The prepare yourself thing- I don't fucking get that at all. And the before and after shit- I have to wonder, did these fuckers even watch the movie? Or are they just that new generation of semi-retarded yutori kids who go all *****HUR PREPARE YOURSELF FOR ALL THE TEARS THIS BIT IS SUPER MOVING!!!!!!!***** and shit on Niconico? God I hate those fuckers. Anyway they're full of shit. Just saying.

Edit: Do note that I'm a regular reader of Comic Yurihime though.

Edit: Just these things

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